Please read it!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while that I didn’t post new story about my sister’s condition and I really feel bad about it.There’s so many things I want to share all about my sister’s condition and what she’s been up to until all this time but it’s really hectic recently. My family is going through a hard time these days for finding a better solution to get enough support for my sister’s continues treatment. It’s really not easy to beg for help and to bother everyone with this because I know that everyone of us has our own individual problem but I hope that everyone that read this will understand us. She’s the only sister I have, she means so much to me and it hurt me a lot to think that she might be in pain anytime . She is very strong person because she keeps fighting  for the hopeful and positive thoughts.a   I really can’t give up now, we’ve gone through a long way and it’s too late for me to say that I’m tired and just ignore our situation.  When she first got a treatment, we really rely on our own income and never asked for anyone’s help. It was not easy to let go of the things that really means for you but we did lot of sacrifices to save my sister’s precious life more than anything.   Even if we end up homeless  to save my sister we will do what we can for her because we can’t live a happy life without her.I thought it was that easy to run a fundraiser site like this but it’s not. It takes a few months for me before I received a donation through the fundraiser site and I often received messages that are really judgmental and hurts my pride and my feeling. I can’t complaint, and I should be thankful instead for the blessings and for those people who understand, believed and gives hope for my sister’s bright future, that was the words I keep saying to myself. There were really time that im feeling tired but not to the point that I complaint im only human and I think it was normal for me to feel that way.It was really embarrassing to ask for a help when it comes to money because there were times that they will misunderstood you and judge you.

Even though we faced a lot of trouble to get the funds for her second treatment we still managed to pay it. After the second treatment my sister’s condition gotten  better than her first treatment. We are very happy about it, at least all of our hard work and the hard times we’ve encountered was worthy because we saw her beautiful smile again. My sister still needs to continue her treatment right after few months and she also needs check-up every month to make sure her condition is fine.We are very helpless when it comes to my sister’s matter regarding with her treatment expenses and we don’t have anything left to us to get the funds we are needing to pay her next treatment.I need your help to raise enough funds to pay for her continues treatment. I can’t really do it alone, so I am hopeful for you to understand and help us, I want her to continue her life and live like a normal person.I will keep you posted about Vilma in my next post so I hope I didn’t bother you reading this, thank you!
Please continue to help me raise more funds! Thank you and God bless in advance!


She’s fighting her illness

It has been a while since I’ve started a fundraiser for my sister’s medical treatment and for her other medical needs. You might not know but my sister haven’t get the chemotherapy yet because of the financial problem and other matters we are facing these days.
Last month on the first week of October we took her to the hospital in Cagayan de oro city to had her the operation of her appendix infection. We really didn’t know that despite from her Leukemia she had to face another challenge of her life.
My sister want to live and she is really fighting for it, she overcome the pain and face all the the sufferings that comes on her way. We really have had a difficult time getting the funds for her operation and we ended up having debts from some people here. My father made our home as a collateral to his loaned just to pay the bills in the hospital and now we don’t know how to settle all the debts we had. The operation went well and my sister is recovering from it. Last week she had a follow up checked up to monitor her condition but she has been admitted for two days, it was a private hospital so it really costs us again to discharged her. The donations we received from the fundraiser for her chemotherapy was used to pay for the hospital bills and that was not even enough.
My sister is still taking medications and more check up to come and hopefully we could earn enough funds to pay for her chemotherapy very soon. My sister is already home and she’s feeling better from her operation but she still have lot of treatment to go and without your help we might not be able to pay for her medical  examinations, treatments and specially the chemotherapy. On behalf of my family please help us, I am here once again asking for your kind support to save my sister’s life and give her hope to live a normal life soon!
Thank you and stay blessed everyone!




Funds for my sister’s medical treatment.

My sister is very sick right now, these past few days she’s been really having a hard time because of the pain she’s feeling. She’s been taking medicines since the day that she was diagnosed but I guess as days passes by her condition is getting worst and the medication is not helping anymore.We wanted to bring her to the hospital tomorrow and see what’s really going on with her condition and why is the pain keeps bothering her. Me and my family is worried that she might have other illness so we wanted to find out.
We truly needs help from other people around the world to be able to pay for her treatment, without your support I am afraid that we won’t be able to pay for my sister’s medical treatment. My father don’t have a stable job at the moment that’s why being an older sister I am trying my best to help my family about my sister’s condition.  I have friends who have offered to help, but the amount of help I need is beyond them. I’m praying for a miracle here, please help it to happen. I am here now knocking your door to please help my sister. Any donation is welcome, nothing is too small or too large.Thank you so much for your generosity.

God bless!